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Random Blog From A Fangirl

Mae D
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[I am over 18 years of age (I'm 30). I am of legal age to read mature rated material]


Hello, it's been years since I used this place for anything. A lot about me has changed since the last time I used this blogging website, so I've been going through it and changing my interests and deleting old post that were no longer relevant.

In the past I was an active writer, fan fiction and original fiction. I posted to sites like fan fiction dot net and fiction press dot net and similar sites. As I've grown older and things have changed so have my hobbies. I've recently been writing a lot of original stuff and am wanting to dabble in fan fiction again. I'm also trying to role play again.

I am married since 8/11/2011 to a guy I first met in middle school!
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