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Mae D

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03:44 pm: Something fun I found on another's journal
These are ten random faves from my faves, and why I like them.

LJ Interests meme results

  1. buffy:
    I like the tv show Buffy. Joss is a God. But he enjoyed killing my favorite characters.
  2. connor:
    Connor from Angel. I loved his story line in Angel, and was sad at the end.
  3. fantasy:
    One of my favorite types of books/movies so on.
  4. fruits basket:
    My favirote anime. I love Kyo and Yuki.
  5. horror:
    I love Horror. I love to read or watch something and get scared.
  6. love hina:
    This is a funny manga. I love it.
  7. paperwings:
    huh? Why is that in my fave? Paperwings are cool, planes made from paper in Sabrial a book my Garth Nix, at least if I remember right.
  8. rollor costers:
    I Love Rollor Costers.
  9. tara:
    Tara from Buffy. I cried when she died. Wah. I loved her character.
  10. willow:
    Willow from Buffy. One of my fave characters.

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